Established in 2019, CHS exists to help individuals in the athletic, professional, pediatric and mental health space become the best versions of themselves.

We do this through customized and tailored programs to teach you how to optimize and prioritize sleep using experience and evidence based techniques.

Our Mission

Circadian Health Systems's mission is to promote and establish sleep as a major pillar of mental and physical health and performance through proper education, training and awareness.  We do this by engaging with various communities and organizations within the Central Illinois region.

Our team


THomas L. Hinton II CHC, CSSC

Sleep Performance Coach

I am certified in sleep science from the Spencer Institute and sleep improvement from Harvard Health with 13+ years experience in the sleep medicine field.  Working in the sleep lab allowed me the opportunity to learn and witness the architecture and mechanism of sleep and how, if done properly, it allows us to function and operate at a high level and prevent health issues.  My continued education and training over time has afforded me the opportunity to provide targeted education, training and coaching to a multitude of populations on the importance of sleep, the best way to obtain it and how it directly impacts your overall mental and physical functioning, decision making, and performance.  This experience has positioned me to lead individuals down the path of good quality and quantity of sleep.



Certified Health Coach

Certified Sleep Science Coach

Certified in Sleep Improvement from Harvard Health

Sleep Technologist

Caroline Cairns.jpg

Caroline Cairns

Performance/Sport Psychology Intern

Caroline Cairns, a junior at Wittenberg University, is studying psychology and exercise science. While attending Wittenberg, she is playing varsity field hockey. During preseason of her junior year, she suffered an injury that kept her from playing the rest of the season. She is a strong believer that mental recovery is equally as important as physical recovery. She has a passion for performance psychology and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with our clients as an intern for Circadian Health.