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Athletes use and abuse their bodies more than the average person or non-athlete.  Therefore, their body requires more recovery and repair time.  Sleep is the most powerful performance enhancer that our bodies naturally possess.  How you sleep before and after competition directly impacts how your body recovers and repairs torn muscle and tissue fibers.

Sleep also enhances focus, energy, reaction times, minimizes mental mistakes and decreases occurrence of injury.  Multiple studies have shown and proven the benefits of sleep in athletes.  Let me teach you how to do it!.  No matter what you do or where you go in life, you have to take your body with you.  So take care of it.

I am passionate about helping athletes understand how and why sleep directly impacts their athletic, mental and physical performance. 

My programs are designed to impact the following:

  • Decision making

  • Muscle fiber/tissue recovery

  • Cognitive function

  • Speed/Strength

  • Minimization of injury/injury recurrence

  • Overall health

  • Improved sleep hygiene etc....

Photo showing benefits of sleep in athletes
Photo of 5 components for best athletic performance
Photo describing sleep science
Photo highlighting he 4 sleep stages and their benefits
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